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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Muscle Shoals

person having back adjustedThe body undergoes many changes during the nine months a mother is pregnant. At Shoals Family Chiropractic, we aim to provide a steadying and light-hearted presence that includes vital relief and support care for expectant moms.

While his wife has had four kids, Dr. Kyle knows that he will never quite understand the depth of all that mothers go through during pregnancy. He offers a listening ear and a welcoming dose of comfort through specific chiropractic care.

Hang Loose and Relax on Our Special Table

One of the most relaxing aspects of care for our pregnant patients is our Zenith Hylo Table, specially designed so women can let their stomachs safely hang. For those carrying a baby, the time they can spend without feeling the weight and pressure on their back and hips is priceless.

Trusted Support and Relief for You As Mom-to-Be

Sciatic, low back, and hip pain often drives pregnant moms to chiropractic care. We are here to help you relieve these symptoms, lower your blood pressure, and make you comfortable. Often, healing happens through adjustments, but sometimes, you get pain relief after only one visit.

Through trust and relationship building, the ultimate goal is for pregnant mothers to become lifelong patients. But Dr. Kyle tailors a timed and tailored approach that usually includes a slow increase of visits as you go from the early stages of pregnancy to closer to the due date and weekly or twice-a-week appointments.

Empowering Your Birth Experience

Primarily through the Webster Technique, Dr. Kyle has helped many women successfully avoid C-sections and delivery complications because of chiropractic care. Several times, within only a few weeks of care, babies in utero go from predictions of breach birth to perfect positioning and successful vaginal delivery.

Start Your Path to Pain-Free Pregnancy

Book your visit today, and enjoy the healthier and happier pregnancy you deserve!

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