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Meet Dr. Kyle Gvillo

Dr Kyle photoPatients might be surprised to learn that Dr. Kyle grew up on a hog farm in southern Illinois, quite a departure from his current role as a chiropractor!

Dr. Kyle is full of dad jokes and memorable sayings. He loves what he does running Shoals Family Chiropractic in Muscle Shoals, as every day, every person, and every case is a new challenge. With a fun and caring personality, he loves his community and appreciates that his job allows him to help people transform their lives for the better.


Dr. Kyle’s Journey to Today

Being a farmer taught Dr. Kyle the value of a robust work ethic; he knows you must work hard to get what you want. At age 25, he realized he had reached his limit and no longer wanted to be on the hog farm.

As a former athlete who played low-level college baseball and high school basketball, Dr. Kyle had experienced chiropractic care before. After an injury playing ball in his sophomore year of high school, he recovered quickly via chiropractic care in time to play for an important holiday tournament.

A decade later, his positive experience led him to pursue a career as a chiropractor, which turned out to be more rewarding than he could have imagined. Dr. Kyle went to Logan College of Chiropractic, graduating in April 2016, and today, he enjoys a job where he can help hurting people feel better and stay better.

Enjoying an Active Family Life

Dr. Kyle has four kids who keep him busy outside of the office. The girls go to dance class, and his boys play ball. The entire family is involved as members of Highland Park Baptist Church.

Beyond family, work, and church responsibilities, Dr. Kyle enjoys gardening, watching sports, or playing golf.

Here to Help Hurt People Heal

If you are here because you are hurting, Dr. Kyle is here to get and keep you better. Contact our office today to get started.

Dr. Kyle Gvillo | (256) 314-2213