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Chiropractic Care

person having back adjustedWhen something is not firing right, your body will give you warning signs of pain and discomfort. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Kyle can help patients like you alleviate pressure in the nervous system, which reduces discomfort and resets your internal security system.

Irritation in the nervous system is often the root cause of pain and more serious symptoms. Our goal at Shoals Family Chiropractic is to move a few things and relieve the source of discomfort so that you feel relief and your body can work in optimal health in the long run.

What Does an Adjustment Feel Like?

There’s some pressure and likely some popping sounds when you go through chiropractic care. You may feel sore for the 48 hours following an adjustment, but that’s a good thing as it signals your body is healing. The best way to deal with it is to drink some water and get some rest.

Techniques for Relief, Correction, & Maintenance

Dr. Kyle combines relief, corrective, and maintenance care through a handful of primary adjustment methods.

  • Diversified Technique: Dr. Kyle’s most popular, hands-on approach includes several popping sounds.
  • Thompson Technique: Also called the Drop Table Technique, this method uses specialized drop tables to realign the spine and joints gently.
  • Logan Basic Technique: A method primarily for kids and babies experiencing symptoms ranging from colic to digestive issues.
  • Webster Technique: Specifically for pregnant mothers, this technique increases comfort during pregnancy and prepares you for the easiest possible birth process.

How Long Should It Take to See Results?

Chiropractic care could address everything from disc injuries to headaches and sinus issues. You name the condition, and we can likely heal it via adjustments.

For the average patient, it takes about a dozen visits over 4-6 weeks to move out of pain relief and into corrective and maintenance care. Every situation is different, and Dr. Kyle can assess your specific needs and suggest a personal care plan to help you reach your goals.

Start Your Path to Healing Now

Get started on your journey to optimal health and wellness with our new patient special: For just $49, receive the first-day comprehensive exam and X-ray; for $45 more, receive an initial adjustment on the same day.

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